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Monday, September 30, 2013

I Have All I Need

1. I have too much meat on my bones.
    It shakes, rattles, and rolls.

2.  I don't have too much meat in the bank.
     It just rattles.

3.  I have too much love in my heart.
     It pours out too fast.

4.  I have too much faith.
     It makes me sound crazy.

     I have too little faith.
     It's lack makes me sound crazy.

5.  I have very little family left.
     It makes me question time.

6.  I have a handful of good friends.
     It's their support that keeps me strong.

7.  I have too much empathy.
     It makes me vulnerable.

8.  I have too much compassion.
     It makes me appear foolish.

9.  I have too much testosterone.
     It makes me have thin hair.

10. I have too much energy.
      It makes me look busy.

11. I have too many opinions.
      It gets me in trouble.

12. I have too many creaks in my bones.
      It makes it hard to shake, rattle, and roll.

In the end I have all I need:

1.  Food to get fat on
2.  Bank account to hold money in (Once in awhile)
3.  Memories of being loved and loving
4.  God who takes me when I come and go
5.  Family ties
6.  Friendships
7.  Experience that resulted in new understandings
8.  Experience that resulted in new lessons
9.  A sex drive
10. Caffeine
11. A mind of my own
12. A body that still moves


What Do I Know?

When they don't say love is why they are staying married but you are waiting to hear that is the reason, and as a single female in her 40's I have to wonder...

When they say, "I'm staying married because of my kids."
When they say, "I'm staying married because of my promise to God."

If God is love, and love is what makes the world go round and love is what you show your kids, then shouldn't love be in the home that you raise those kids in until they are ready to go out into the world that goes around?

Shouldn't you stay married because you love someone?
Shouldn't you love someone you are married to and therefore you are honoring God?

If you are still in love with the person you have kids with, shouldn't anything you want to do for your kids come out of that as you will show them what respect and love actually are?

But....what do I know?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

We Stereotype Only The Finest & Brightest

Labor Day weekend came with a few labor pains alright. Actually, Sunday was a wonderful dinner at my brother and sister in laws house. My brother cooked all day to make a great traditional spaghetti dinner with meatballs, Italian sausage, boiled eggs, and all made from scratch. 

Seventeen of us sat around talking about books, recipes, childhood memories from the older generation, and oohed and aahhed over my 3-month-old niece. And then that dreaded question came towards me like a punch in the face, "Why don't you have one of these?"

Instead of hiding, I answered very bluntly, "I can't." Then the next question, "Why not?" "Well because that's how God made me." My cousin, lets call her Veronica, adds to the conversation and says I should have called her because she knows how Vitamin E works. Keep in mind, she has never been married or had a child, but she is well read. I continued to tell those sitting around about my past two years in a minute or less paraphrase. My sweet, 89 pound and 88-year-old Aunt, tells me "Well if a baby pees on you then you'll get pregnant."

Oh is that all I'm missing? I have tried everything else, why not this.

 My Aunt then continues by telling me I should get a midget to donate his sperm because, "Those midgets and little people are so durn cute. It's like they never grow up." 

Uhhhhh. No, I think I’ll pass. No offense to the little people.

Then, not to be out done by her mother, my cousin, Veronica who is in her early 50's, suggest that I adopt a baby from India because "our family could use a good cardiologist someday or a Chinese baby they are so durn smart too." Then my aunt volleyed back with, "Oh what if you adopted a Chinese midget. Now that would be a smart and adorable child." 

That's right folks, you have read this correctly. Nothing gets past my family. They know ethnic groups so well they can pick out their own cardiologist. 

Happy Labor Day!