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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Finish What Ya' Started

I always like to reflect on my year around this time. I don't know why, it just happens all the time around this week every year. Weird. Right?*
Well I'm in denial of a lot, including most of this year, so I thought I would reflect on it by posting a list of the draft titles that I have sitting in my files for blogging. These are the titles of blogs that I began and never finished. Should I say I have not finished yet? Let your imagination wonder and enjoy what they could have led to.

*Happy New To Do List To You All!

1.    Dear God, It's Not Margaret, It's Me
2.    And An Extra One To Grow On
3.    Seriously?
4.    God is love and law
5.    If I'm Going To Be Posting
6.    I Hope It Never Comes To Publishing This One
7.    There Is Nothing To Prove
8.    It's The Thankful Month
9.    Good Morning Class of 2014
10.  The End?
11.  Coming Out
12.  Saying Goodbye
13.  Love and Marriage
14.  Being Vulnerable
15.  I Don't Know What
16.  Lessons From A Con
17.  Don't Chase Me I'll Chase You...Scratch That
18.  You Know What?
19.  I'm About To Piss You Off
20.  The Life I Would Love To Live
21.  To Whom It May Concern

I would love to blame alcohol & busy travels for my unfinished work, but there's really no reason. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inspired By My Pile of Holiday Spending Receipts

I think I'm going to throw myself a shower...not because I'm getting married and not because I'm having a child, but because I have lived 45 years and spent a lot of money on other people's showers, birthdays and holidays for couples and families. 

One person's income covering gifts for several families of two or more adds up to a lot of cha-ching for the last, let's say 25 years. I think I should get a party thrown for me for not being married and not having a kid, but just for being me. I think I will call it, "I'm Still Alive and You've Only Had To Buy For Me This Entire Time Shower." 

I am going to register at the following stores, so keep your eyes posted for the E-Vite:

Jimmy Choo 
Z Gallerie 
Apple Store
VIctoria's  Secret
Any spa in the USA

Ladies and Gentleman, Jimmy Choo Shoes! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Mad Too, Eddie!

I have no idea who Eddie is or what this is about, but I remember seeing it as a bumper sticker on cars when I was a little girl, and it sums up how I am feeling today. I'm mad! I don't know the specific reason, but I'm mad!

I'm mad because my clothes are tight.
I'm mad because my hair is Puerto Rican blond, and I'm not Puerto Rican!

I'm mad because stupid people are richer than me.
I'm mad because I feel stupid today.

I'm mad because now every time I feel a lump or a bump anywhere on my body I assume it is cancer.
I'm mad because some day it could be cancer, again.

I'm mad because my mother's dog is a pain in the butt.
I'm mad because our dogs are getting old.

I'm mad because I don't always have the answer.
I'm mad that I'm wearing shorts on December 15th.

I'm mad because people are mean.
I'm mad because when I'm mean I can't live with myself.

I'm not here for answers. I'm not here to apologize or hear anyone else's apology. I'm just venting. I'm just expressing myself without trying to find any answers, because let's face it some days there are just no right answers.

Right, Eddie?