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Sunday, May 18, 2014

But I'm Tired

I know this situation right here right now is not permanent, but I'm tired.

I know the family that should love and support me broke my heart, & I forgive them, but I'm tired.

I know the pain I endure day and night will someday go away & I will feel like my old self again or even better, but I'm tired.

I know all my money problems will someday soon be just a memory and exist no more, but I'm tired.

I know my 'friends' who have turned away from me and have made me feel alone will someday see how they have hurt me, but I'm tired.

I know my poor pup is fighting off fleas and they will be gone soon, but I'm tired.

I know soon my prince will come, but I'm tired.

I know someday my coworkers will stop telling me I look tired, and that means it is Summer!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 Reasons Why My Mommie Dearest Is The Best

You know your mother has a twisted sense of humor when she has let you refer to her as "Mommie Dearest".  (In case you are wondering look up the Joan Crawford reference.) And although my mother is nor was anything like Joan Crawford, she let me refer to her as such as long as I can remember, so now you know where half of my twisted sense of humor comes from.

10 Reasons Why My Mommie Dearest Is The Best:

10.) Growing up she constantly told me, "Treat people the way you want them to treat you", then she backed it up with her actions.

 9.) She took me to my first gay bar at the age of 17, so we could watch and support my Uncle Dan in his billiard league.

 8.) The day she kicked my dad out was the day the N-word was considered a curse word, and I was never allowed to say it or use it. It was a "hate word that we will not use."

 7.) She loved and fed every friend I brought home and became "Momma Luke" to many.

 6.) Family was never defined or limited to just blood, if she loved you were family no matter what.

 5.) She didn't beat me like I deserved when I was a teenager.

 4.) Her sleep patterns, while I was in high school, helped me have a great social/party life.

 3.) Her belief in me and my dreams gave me the strength to believe in many other generations.

 2.) She is the perfect combination of Maude, Martha Stewart, and Donna Reed.

 1.) She's simply beautiful, inside and out.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommie Dearest!

Where I learned how to be affectionate 

Always my protector

Where I got my height from...PS thank you.

Where I learned 'goofy faces'

Always my cheerleader