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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Those Lights Sure Did Go Out In Georgia

My intentions were to log funny quotes on our road trip to North Carolina. It started off going very well, but then we hit Georgia. 

You see, I decided to do something crazy for my 47th year on Earth, and so I stepped out of my comfort zone. I applied for a teaching job in North Carolina, packed up everything, and moved here in mid July. With my momma, my pup, my uncle, two cousins, their border collie, Jethro, and Granny (just kidding about the last two) we hit the road to the East coast. 

Where I get my courage to step out of my comfort zone

The first 24 hours went just fine. My mother and I laughed so much with each other and at each other.  My sweet 10 month old pup did great. I swear she is like a baby, you put her in the car for more than 15 minutes and she passes out asleep. 
And not on drugs
Now I could sit here and whine and cry about how my alternator and battery died on me on a Friday night somewhere in Georgia, where everything is closed at 7pm, but instead I'm going to tell you how blessed I am.

You know the song

I'm going to tell you how blessed I am that I had a momma with me who remained calm but bossy.

I'm going to tell you how Jesus still loves me even though I curse…a lot.

I am going to tell you how three adults, two kids, and two dogs piled into my uncle's truck and literally with prayers got to North Carolina at 1 am in a terrible rain storm with torn up windshield wipers. 
"Poodle" the Border Collie 

I am going to tell you how wonderful my life long friends handled the stress of the worst moving company and me with my "awesome" car luck.

My biggest blessings of all
I am going to tell you how much I have laughed these last 11 days, and I do not regret a moment.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bippity Boppity Boo

She has been my mother's best friend for 37 years and is one of the most amazing women who helped make me the woman I am today. 

My Aunt Linda taught me the beauty of raw cookie dough, finger foods for dinner, acting like a lady, the "just right time" to use the F word (still struggling with that one) and not letting a bad boss define you. 

She held my hand when I went to the fertility doctors to try and have children. She was there guiding me through adoption classes and when I had to quit because of the diagnosis. She held my hand and my mother's as the three of us sat in the doctor's office and we got the news of the cancer. 
Aunt Linda has been my source of strength and my mother's "sister" through good and bad times. I just wanted another audience to know how wonderful she is and how thankful I am for her and her love.

If you have a woman in your life like her, then thank them, tell them and share your story with the world. 
Love one another. 
Respect one another. 

Lift one another.

"This is my Hairy Dogfather…I mean Fairy Godmother."

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

He Ain't Heavy; He's My Brother

As I work on a new project, learning to distress furniture, I decided to listen to some oldies from the Sock Hop era, my father's music.
I listen to it and laugh. 
I listen to it and dance. 
I listen to it and begin reminiscing.

Suddenly, I start to think about one of the greatest men in my life. 
How no one knows me from his point of view. 
No one has seen me through his eyes, whether it was my best moment or my worst. We share something in common only one other person on earth shares, and that is our father. 

My little brother, who is nineteen years younger than me, is one of the greatest men in my life. (You thought it was going to be my dad, didn't you? You haven't been paying attention to my life then.) 
My little brother has only known me since he was six years old, and he put me on a pedestal, but I never knew he would be the one on that pedestal, for me, years later. 

Today is his 28th birthday, and I love him so very much. He makes me proud and everyone who knows him loves him and is very entertained by him. He got the best traits of each parent, and the rest from me. (I often like to take credit for his wonderfulness, and if I'm wrong don't try to persuade me otherwise, because I'm that hard headed, so is he.)

No one else on this Earth knows what it is like to have me as an older sister, but him. 
No one else knows what it is like to be the child of Joe Lucario AND still be proud to carry that last name. 
No one else knows what it's like to reminisce and laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh about our childhood.

…But everyone knows what it's like to love Joey.

Happy Birthday Little Brother! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Want Answers

I want answers to my questions. 
Do not attack me, because I want answers. 
Just tell me.

I want to know why black men are becoming an endangered species. 
Answer my question.

I want to know why white males are the number one race of pedophiles and rapists, yet they get a six-month sentence for raping a woman who is passed out in an alley and more time for stealing a car.
Answer my question.

I want to know why most of my teacher friends have to have a second job, but a chick in Los Angeles will give a blow job on a video and have butt implants will make more money this year than any educator I know in their life time.
Answer my question.

I want to know why an educated male of mixed ethnicities can give a speech that makes all of us squirm in our seat to make us look inward and is called down to quit his job of entertainment, but Donald Trump can tell a woman, in a professional setting, how she probably looks good on her knees, and is still going to run for President of my country. 
Answer my question. 

I want to know what Hillary Clinton has done that no other public official and/or President and Vice President hasn't done already?
Answer my question. 

I want to know why it is okay to judge someone on their weight, but ignore someone on their racism. 
Answer my question. 

In Case You Didn't Know Me Well Enough

Facebook is great for posting uplifting items, sharing your opinion, and making each other laugh, but recently it has pissed me off with some of the ignorance I have seen. Naturally, I cannot be quiet, so here was my most recent post.

I'm about to upset a lot of you, so if you need to remove me from your social media account, then go ahead. 
It is okay, but I need to voice my opinion without using 'funny pictures', because I need to be authentic. Do not attack me nor try to persuade me. 
It will not happen here, so in case you did not know this about me here you go:

1. I will vote for Hillary Clinton. I would vote for Jessie Williams, but he is too busy on 'Grey's Anatomy.'

2. I believe in the death penalty.

3. I believe marijuana should be legalized
4. I believe that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our country, and the idea of him running our country terrifies me.

5. I think anyone who shoots and kills a person who is handcuffed and unarmed, needs to me removed immediately from service and forward all income to the family of the lost loved one.

6. I think people should be judged on their racism rather than their weight.

7. I think that if Hillary Clinton is to be held accountable for wrong doings then, so should Powell, Rove, GW Bush, and so on.

8. I believe if you live in this country and your intentions are to stay and be a part of it, then you should be required to learn English and pay taxes.

9. I believe if you force yourself into a woman, then she should get to decide on the punishment for you.

10. I believe all gang bangers, and people on death row should be sent to war before anyone else.

11. I believe educators and nurses should be paid more than anyone who gets recorded giving a blow job with ass implants.

12. I think two additional languages and a study of all religions should be taught in public schools from kindergarten and beyond.

13. I believe I am thankful for having rights, but also understand those rights should be amended to fit the current century.

Thank you.