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Monday, October 12, 2015

Time Flies When You Don't Know What The Hell You Are Doing

I cannot believe it has been four months since I last blogged. Actually I do believe it, but that sounds better than any excuse I could possibly give you.  I will try to catch you up in what I like to do the most... make a list, and in the order they occurred.  Do not get too excited there's only 4 items on this list. 

1. I gave dating one more try, ended up dating men who lied about their marital status, their name, their career and let us not forget the three men I was talking to who all had the same first name, but spelled it differently. Where are they now? Possibly in Dallas, Dallus, or Dalis. However, I did meet met my sweetheart, and he is my exact opposite. 

2. The family visited a water park 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. I included this because it is just a lot of public water to experience. Even with this excessive amount to the exposure of foul things in public water sources and what my Fit Bit says is 13,000 steps or more, I still gained a lot of weight and decided to take water aerobics with women all in their 60's. They literally water ballet-ed around me and kicked my enlarged buttocks in class, but I left with my sun burnt head held high.

3. I realized I missed teaching and being in the classroom, and I decided to apply for a teaching position in a few districts.  I accepted a teaching job because I wanted a challenge.  I still can't believe I am back in the classroom and I work with the people I work with. The best part of my day is beginning it with my autistic student who does a great James Brown impersonation. Now, I miss being a Life Coach full time. 

4. Last, but not least, I have fallen in love with an amazing man who thinks my menopausal attention disorder along with excessive list making is charming and my butt is the perfect size...Ladies and gentleman, we have found a winner! 

This is my other sweetheart, my Uncle, and that is my butt. ..I know right?!? Hot!