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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mental Constipation

Oh this feels so gooooood! Due to several life events and technology issues I have not been able to blog in a very, very long time, but now I'm back, baby! I'm back…and it feels oh so good!

I have had so many crazy events happen in the last 7 months, and although I could blog about each and every one of them, I do not have time due to the fact that I've grown very fond of 8 or more hours of sleep, so I will list the life lessons learned from them and hopefully you will find them educational, touching, or humorous as I have had to do myself. (Remember these are my life lessons.) 

1.   As an Italian Aries raised by a southern Leo woman, not being able to express myself has been a painful type of mental constipation. I appreciate self-expression and freedom of speech more than ever.

2.   Some men will love you and lie to you and neither will have to do with you. Other men will love you and lie to you and it has everything to do with you. Some men will just love you…I do not know who these men are, but rumor is they exist.

3.   People don't always tell the truth. Who knew? 

4.   It's true what they (I still do not know who they are) but it's true what they say about having your heart broken I can't remember it because I suck at getting a damn cliché rightI just know there's something out there about scars on your heart, toughening up and moving on…right?

5.   You can be 47 years old and still not get a damn cliché right in your life. 

47…may not know a cliche but I look goooood. 

6.   I am an amazing and gifted teacher but working around negative, selfish, paranoid teachers can truly, truly steal your joy and gift if you let it.

7.  Holding my four-legged children while they die never gets easy, and watching them suffer is even more painful. 

Our last morning together…I miss my sweet Donkey so much. 

8.  "Successful" money hungry people will steal your ideas, my ideas and act like it is theirs. 

9.   There is something so intoxicating about a successful, intelligent, honest, determined, spiritual, SINGLE, black man.

Lord, Help Me!

10.  My family STILL isn't defined by blood. 

11.  Women, who have children, will simply never understand the heartbreak of women (who can't have kids) and how we feel at baby showers. 

12.  My friends will utilize my skills and then forget that I'm not always a business, but a person. 

13.  My friends will be by my side and love me through the break ups and break downs, and never expect me to always be "on."

14.  The IRS sucks. 

15.  Bad pizza is better than no pizza. 

16.  Bad sex is NOT better than no sex. 

17.  Just because someone looks good, doesn't mean they have what it takes to 'Boomerang' those toes. (Eddie Murphy movie reference)

If you have not seen this movie, then please do.

18.  I will not take for granted people who love me, especially those who still say, 'I love you' after I've had a shitty day.  

19.  No one loves me like my momma.

20.  Hugs are underrated.

21.  Puppies are a pain in the ass.

22.  Puppies are so dang adorable.

She is no Donkey, but she is a Sadie. 

23.  Visiting other cities is good for everyone's soul.

24.  Moving to other cities is REALLY good for the soul.

Hellooooooo Greensboro!