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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting A Little Religious On This One

As I was awakening from excruciating pain around 4 am, I didn't complain I just kept thanking God. 
I learned this lesson years ago, to thank him in your darkest hours. It shows him how much we believe in our highest power and what he is capable of doing. At least that's what I call faith. 

I sat on the balcony and just rocked back and forth watching the moonshine on the water and watched the phytoplankton light up as it hit the shore. I it was just the water, God, and me.

Who am I to question his plans or complain as I watched the moon hold up in the sky, listened to the water that soothes me, and witness the tiny life that defends itself with such luminescent beauty?

God was all around me. 

How could I complain about anything?
Look at all the blessings I just mentioned.
I thanked him.
I cried from the pain, but I thanked him still. 

The pain in my arm and hand has not stopped, but I also know my blessings have not stopped either.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

365 Days

Last year around this time I was getting a bit depressed and down, because I was about to turn 44 years old.
Good grief!
How could I be that old and before I knew it I would be 45.
Now that number, 45, that age was really depressing to me. 

I would be 45 in a year and what had I accomplished?
Oh boring. Who wants to read something like that yet again?
Not me!

It's amazing how 365 days can change everything. Ironically, I thought turning 45 was the end of a good life. I was getting ready to start ordering the litter of cats I was meant to have running around my house. 

Who would have thought a silly little diagnosis would have made me appreciate and realize how young turning 45 really is?!?
Not me!

These last 365 days I have lost, gained, grown, taught, and learned a lot. 

I have lost loved ones both to heaven and to their own world.
I have gained loved ones I thought I would never get to hug or touch again.
I have taught others what they call "taking a risk” is simply living your own life.
I have learned that this life is ours to design, and if we don't like our life we are the engineers, architects, artists, musicians, and designers to create exactly what we desire.

Happy Birthday to me! I just loved turning 45!