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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Soul Mates and Sisters

I love my soul mates.
They turned out a lot different from what I ever expected. 
Two or three are blonds. 
One or two are red heads.
One is Swedish-American.
One is Mexican-American.
One is African-American.
A few are your typical European-Americans.
The others have no idea their background which makes them just as charming because they know they're from Arkansas, Tennessee, and California. 

As a young girl I always thought that there was ONE soul mate for me, and he was amazing and my version of Prince Charming. 

Then I grew up. 

When you grow up with a few special friends you never realize how much they are a part of you, until you reflect on life.
Your deepest darkest secrets are intertwined with them as teenagers. 
Your bad decisions as a 20 something year old are comforted by their mistakes too.
Your self-identity as a 30 something year old is embraced by long talks with them.
Your survival skills as a 40 something year old are supported by their tears and laughter with you.
Your "I don't give a f***s" as a  50/60 something year old are celebrated by all of the above.

Your heartbreaks are glued back together by them over wine, dinner, and, one of my favorite emotional experiences, laughing through the tears. 
Your heart aches for them in return. 
They challenge you. 
They defy you.
They piss you off.  
They love you. 
They leave you. 
They return to you. 
And they always accept you. 

Thank you to all of my soul mates also known as my sisters for the greatest love affair of all, for each of you are my soul mate in one way or another. 

Prince Charming, I know you are still out there, and you will be a wonderful and additional extra in our silly book, called...
Are We Sure This Is My Life?