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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm The Kramer of Pink Ribbons (Seinfeld Reference)

Dear World,

I just want you to know I love you and appreciate you, as I appreciate every person's right to an opinion and their ways of expressing themselves. With that said, please do not approach me via email, text, Instagram or Facebook with any hype on the pink ribbon events coming up in October.

Yes, I am a woman who was diagnosed last November with breast cancer, and had pink ribbons thrown down her throat.  Long before the diagnosis, and since the pink ribbon campaign came out, I thought it was sweet, but I never bought in to it for some reason, call it insight.  I call it my subconscious mind knowing better all along.  

It is true that since the pink ribbon campaign mammograms have increased hugely, which is awesome, but what they don't tell you is roughly 18.8% of the money taken in each year by the SGK Foundation goes towards research, the rest of the money goes towards paying the big wigs' salaries and promotional events. They don't tell you companies, like Estee Lauder, who campaign pink ribbons have cancer-causing ingredients in their product.  I'm not hear to bash the foundation, because there are documentaries and your own time for research to discover all of that. I'm here to say, keep all your pink, because I prefer purple, not because purple represents anything it just makes me happy.

Yes, I kicked breast cancer's ass. I don't even like the word survivor. I prefer ass kicker, because I picture someone fighting, winning, and wiping off his or her shoulders and not looking back.  I am still doing what my heart called me to do to fight it, with my new lifestyle, attitude, nutrition, and holistic journey. My journey is not your journey and vice versa, therefore I respect any choice that is made to be healthy and alive.

I'm not asking you to agree or disagree with me, because I'm simply a woman who does not believe in the Pink Ribbon hype. I have researched for a year, the various causes of breast cancer (by the way the diagnosis I received was due to fertility drugs and being misdiagnosed for over a year). I've researched ways to prevent it, ways to keep it away, ways to fight it, and ways to love life. I wish you all the best, but please keep your pink ribbons, UNLESS George Clooney wants me to wear one (and nothing else) to his bachelor party, then I will rethink this whole thing.

Thank you,

 Purple Loving Ass Kicking George Clooney Stalking Blogger  Extraordinaire

Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Working For Yourself Is Great

I recently changed careers from teaching to being a Parent and Teen Life Coach, which means I am my own boss, and my name is my business. I love what I do, and recently I've discovered some of the perks, and here they are:

1.   I work the hours I choose.
2.   The boss likes my ideas.
3.   Going to work without a bra is an option and it's not even a political statement of any kind.
4.   The office is adorable, feminine, and comfortable.
5.   The boss lets me bring my kid to work every day.

My kid. 

6.   Sexual harassment is awkward and funny now.
7.   My work week is only 4 days a week.
8.   I'm never late to work.
9.   Painting my nails in the office is not offensive to anyone.
10. When the boss is being a bitch, it's OK now.