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Saturday, April 29, 2017

These Are My Words Unless I Say Otherwise

Here are some of my poems I have published elsewhere…Feel free to share your opinion with me.

                            Elise (Inspired by a withering sculpture named Elise)
Pieces of me fall away when I remember asking you to stay.
I'm like beautiful Elise just wanting your love without the deceit.
Blue skies and clouds are just part of the trek.
God, please don't let my heart turn into a wall that is a complete wreck.
Elise, Downtown Greensboro

                                                           Two Pieces
Imagine two blank canvases craving color but both scared to allow the artist to begin.
Once you begin you can never turn back.
One canvas yearning obvious colors that are in your face, daring you not to enjoy them.
The other is comfortable in melodic subtle tones expecting flattery,
Both sharing a quiet confidence.
Two blank canvases with all the hope and potential any one could desire, but concerned with not being unique.
Along comes an artist who has so much art inside of them it's dripping at the fingertips waiting to be unleashed.
And it is unleashed…two masterpieces, beauty all of their own, complementing one another side by side.

It helps me love you
Sometimes it keeps me from leaving
Helps me to remember the good
times and why you were worth it
The words say it for me and the
rhythm acts it out
Cries my tears when I just won't and
makes me strong when I am weak
Tells my story when I didn't even
know how to write
Allows me to forgive, to forge on

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