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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Forgiveness is a funny thing.

We hold on to it like it's gold, yet when we receive it we forget its value so easily.

Personally, I forgive way too easily. I have the scars on my heart and my memory to prove it. That's ok though, because it must be good karma that I am creating for myself, right?


I wonder if I forgive easily because my memory erases the pain. I don't know.  I wonder if I forgive because I understand we are all just trying to stay above water and gain the love we desire. It's funny, or it's narcissistic of me, when people hold a grudge towards me and hide forgiveness in their back pocket, because I often think there is something really wrong with them to still be holding on to my "crimes."  


Maybe I'm not worthy of your forgiveness.
Maybe, just maybe, you are not worthy of mine, but I'll still forgive you anyway, because I know what you are capable of.
I somehow see the good in you through all the games in you.



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