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Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10, 2013

Three years ago today I was freed.
I consider December 10th my free from cancer day because I had it cut out of MY body. When everyone else thought I should do exactly what the doctors said to do, well, I chose to listen to my body, my spirit, and my heart. 

(Yes, eventually I did the chemo and radiation for a bit, but if you educate yourself on all of your options, your world opens up to so much more.  Now insert a rant about the evils of western medicine and the ridiculousness of chemo and radiation. Again, this blog entry is what I have to say about MY body and MY experience, and it is not for everyone.)

After my freedom date, I woke up and realized it is time to live. Now if you have kept up with my other blogs, then you know I have never been short of experiences or adventure, but there’s something different about this list. There’s something amazing in every day events, when you choose to live. 

In the last three years I have had the pleasure of experiencing so much, and here are just a few of them.  Living with a purpose and living by the seat of your pants is truly the best combination to live life. If this entry encourages anyone, then I can add that to my list. 

1.   I shaved my head and rocked the bald chick look. 
Rocking the bald look, see I told ya. 
2.   I took off a year from teaching to be my own boss.
3.   Tony Robbins convinced me I could do anything, so I walked across fire.
4.   I burned the hell out of my feet, but with no regrets.
5.   I lived life as a vegan, and never felt better.
6.   We flew to Pittsburgh, two of my best girlfriends and I, and spent a memorable weekend visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, drank my first hard cider, and froze my rear end watching the Steelers whoop the Ravens, which happened to be Troy Palamo's last home game (whose jersey I was wearing) as well as Mean Joe Greene’s jersey retirement game. - Trust me this is a BIG deal. 
This looks photoshopped, but I promise it isn't.  
7.   I woke up in Rome on my 46th birthday.
8.   Along with loved ones, I went to service with Pope Francis and was blessed by him.

9.   We climbed the stairs to the top of the Vatican Roof and watched the sunset.

The sun on my face from the roof top of the Vatican. 
10.  We barricaded ourselves in our house in Palermo for safety at night. 
11.  I spoke and translated Italian for everyone on our two-week adventure through Italy.
12.  I hiked Mt. Vesuvius as a last minute decision.
13.  I moved and lived near the water for a year. 
14.  I fell in love.
15.  I broke down from love.
16.  And I got right back up again.
17.  My sweet corgi, Patina, crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I was fortunate enough to hold her.
18.   I moved to North Carolina.
19.  Twice, I have napped in a salt cave.
20.  I drove by myself through the mountains.

21.  I voted for a woman to be President.
Madame President and my 1 month old niece at a rally in Houston. 
22.  I witnessed the true meaning of Fall.
23.  I stood on top of Blowing Rock.
24.  I watched it snow. 

25.  I kept going. 
Look at all that adventure out there,  just waiting for this clumsy one to stumble upon it.  

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